Gerrymandering and the Death of Our Democracy

If you’re a political junkie you know how bad gerrymandering is. It distorts fair representation. It allows unpopular policies and parties to dominate our political system, but it’s worse than that. The primary check on the presidency is impeachment. The courts can attempt to check the president, but if he chooses to ignore them it comes to impeachment. The courts have no real check on the executive if the president knows he won’t be impeached. Impeachment has never been a particularly good check on power. If a president is popular then impeachment is unlikely because it demands self-sacrifice. When we have an unpopular president he may not be unpopular in gerrymandered districts. Trump’s popularity could go even further down and he’d still be popular Republican districts. Congressional Republicans would have no personal incentive to stand up to him. Gerrymandering, on top of being undemocratic, may result in the death of our democracy.


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