A Gish Gallop of Awful

The last few day of Trump news has been a Gish Gallop of awful. A Gish Gallop is a debate technique where a creationist overwhelms a debate with a long list of refutable points, so that it’s impossible to address each point. This creates the appearance that their argument has withstood critique. The overwhelming number of awful stories about Trump and the Republican congress make it difficult to find your footing. Without your footing mounting an effective resistance is difficult. The solution is the separation of labor. There are three or four primary evils of the coming administration. If we separate each evil and let those with the power to resist we can mount an effective resistance. Trump’s corruption is emblematic of why the division of labor is important. The only chance of making corruption an effective  point of resistance is the Republican House and Senate  becoming convinced it’s a problem for them. That won’t happen soon, so we’re better off leaving that issue to attorneys general in Democratic states and legal advocacy groups that have the power to do something about it.  The media loves corruption stories so there’s no doubt they’ll continue to stream out. But as a matter of politics for people opposed to Trump they’re a dead end. The Russian hacking and the possibility that the Russians have compromising videos of Trump is a similar dead end. It requires Congressional investigations to be effective. Then giving Congress a sense of urgency to impeach Trump. Leave that issue for foreign policy hawks and the media who again love the spy novel drama of it all. The issues we can win on now and in the future is the political agenda of the Republican congress. They clearly didn’t plan on winning. Their plans are sitting on a shaky foundation within their own caucus. The ACA repeal appears preventable. By fighting on that one issue, then on Medicare and Social Security cuts. And on and on. We can win the fights now to protect the social safety net due to Republican disorganization. Then we can win coming elections as defenders of the services voters rely on. Finally we stop Trump and end this madness.


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