My Resolution: Deal with Bullshit

It’s snowing out, but it’s still warm enough and the ground’s still wet enough that it’s not really sticking. It’s become a cold winter. This is a time when everyone either reflects on the year that just past or the year that’s coming, but they’re both terrible things to reflect on so I’m doing my best to ignore them. I’m not really the type of person to make resolutions because it’s a new year, the changes I make to my life are more abrupt and not nearly well planned enough to begin on a specific date. I do usually make some generic plans for the year to come, but they usually consist of me continuing to do something I’ve already started. My resolution last year was to finish losing weight. I did do that, I’m about one hundred twenty pounds lighter this morning than I was at this time last year and I’ve lost about one hundred ninety pounds overall, so that’s good. One resolution this year is to maintain my weight, which as long as I continue monitoring my calories and exercising as I have been should be easy. I’m also planning to read and write more. I set those plans in motion, as much as they were plans, back in October though, so again it’s really just about continuing to do what I have been doing. I have two other resolutions, one is try making a new recipe for dinner once every month which should be fun. The other is to deal with bullshit. It’s probably the best resolution anyone can make, but also the easiest to keep. We can’t help but deal with bullshit, it’s part of everyday life. That’s the easy part, but it’s a great resolution because it serves as a reminder that we are going to have to deal with bullshit in the coming year. People are going to be petty, dumb, and mean — and we are too, which will bring along its own consequences. The political situation is going to entail a ton of bullshit we’ve all got to be ready to deal with. All around our lives there is bullshit and while we can’t avoid all of it there are times when we can, so by making a resolution to deal with bullshit instead of avoiding or ignoring it we’re committing to being active, to not avoiding shit just because it’s hard or dumb.


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