Trump, Corruption, and Ineptitude

Should we be happy if Trump turns out to be just an especially corrupt Republican? On one hand that isn’t the worst case scenario, the worst being that he’s an actual totalitarian who will usurp power, villainize a minority group or two as scapegoats for his failing policies, and then use state violence to suppress or eliminate them. The fears of him being an actual fascist who will usurp power are legitimate, you just have to look to North Carolina to see why, but ultimately it seems unlikely it will go that far. I don’t have much faith in our institutions, but I do believe that vanity primarily drives Trump. The president gets a free portrait, possibly what Trump ran for, and all other sorts of prestige, so my sense is Trump won’t feel the urge to usurp power. He’d probably thoroughly enjoy the facade of adoration given to dictators, but the effort involved in gaining that won’t be worth it to him. The policies Trump will ultimately pursue will stand on three legs; corruption, ineptitude, and extreme Republicanism. The result of these legs will be the proto-fascism we deeply and reasonably fear. A combination of corruption and ineptitude, both of which have been well documented and can be seen from his current roster of cabinet appointments and advisers, will lead to the government being less interested in and less capable of handling foreign and domestic threats of terrorism. The Bush administration failed to stop 9/11 though of combination of ineptitude and disinterest in terrorism. The Trump administration will fail to stop an attack because they’re too busy lining their pockets. On top of the coming probable attack, the Republican policies Paul Ryan is going to push through Congress, that Trump will sign due to an unspoken agreement that Ryan ignores his corruption, are going to leave millions of people poorer, less healthy, and angrier. An angry populace hit by an attack that probably could’ve been stopped will need a scapegoat to deflect blame from Trump, just as he always lashes out and blames someone else for his problems. This is when Trump will turn to the proto-fascist seeds he planted during the campaign. He and people like Bannon will orchestrate a campaign to scapegoat Muslims and immigrants. We should fear Trump’s corruption because it isn’t separate from the other terrible things he may do. The implication of corruption is an administration that is inept in terms of protecting and assisting the citizenry, so every possible measure must be taken to curb the corruption or the de facto ineptitude may lead to things that are much worse than the corruption itself.


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