Decorum and a Unique Evil

Obedience to decorum and norms will be the end of us. In the face of fascism the usual rules don’t apply. The media and politicians seem to be adhering to the usual rules of civility and to traditions that aren’t enshrined in law despite the fact Trump is a unique evil. Hillary Clinton, despite calling Trump a unique problem during the campaign, is still standing back, sliding into the few years of oblivion most of presidential losers do. She and her campaign have barely made a peep to support the recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, she hasn’t commented on the supposed Russian interference, and she hasn’t voiced her support for faithless electors. I doubt the election results would be overturned with a full and proper recount. I doubt Russian hacking or interference played the deciding role in the election. I also doubt there will be enough electors to deny Trump the presidency, but if Trump is uniquely problematic then she should be standing up for and supporting every potential path to block a Trump presidency and to deny him legitimacy. Denying Trump even a modicum of legitimacy may help prevent him from implementing his worst ideas. That possibility is necessary in the face of a unique evil. The respect for traditions and decorum though leaves people who find value in those things stuck. Decorum and tradition suggest we have to give Trump a chance, let him prove himself to be a problem before we do anything, but if you know something is going to be a problem it seems foolish to sit back and wait to be proven right before doing anything. Preventing a problem is much easier than picking up pieces and trying to fit them back together after everything has been broken. Hillary Clinton is obviously not the only person you can criticize for respecting decorum too much, Obama for similar reasons apparently didn’t disclose information about Russian interference, and the media is playing the same game. Trump’s cabinet picks are contextualized in the partisan game the media sees itself officiating instead of on the merits of the awful policies they will help implement or their total incompetence. If Trump is a unique evil, the actual potential fascist threat he seems to be, then the rules of decorum and civility need to be abandoned until the threat has been suppressed.

As the fears of a fascist threat loom on my mind I’m about to wade through a pretty banal day. It snowed here in Oregon last night, just an inch or two, and that means no one is doing anything. While it was snowing last night there were a few kids enjoying the snow in the parking lot of my apartment, but ultimately it doesn’t take much to completely shut Oregon down. The silence is odd, the inability of any of us to drive in the snow or stand the cold temperatures leaves me at least with an absurd sense of cabin fever. It’s not impossible to go anywhere, nor do I really want to do much, but I feel like I can’t and that limitation of my options leaves me restless. I have some paperwork to get done today, but besides that and making some pizza dough I’m not really going to be doing much. I’ll probably just spend a few hours reading this morning, then I’ll spend a few entertaining myself with television or podcasts or something before I make dinner for myself and the guy I care for before being completely out of things to do. A truly banal day. One that will be punctuated with my anxiety about the paperwork. It’s all due today or tomorrow or something and I’m not sure I have everything done quite right. It’s been impossible to get anyone on the phone to know for sure, so I’m just have to blindly trust that I did it right. Blind trust in my own ability, even on something as simple as paperwork, isn’t conducive for me being calm. I’m going to spend every minute from last night when I realized I had filled out something wrong to whenever I finally can be confident it’s all taken care of anxious that something is wrong and that I won’t get paid or I don’t have health insurance. So that will be fun for the next two or three weeks. The merging of my anxieties over Trump and the mundane responsibilities of my life is really when I start to feel like I might go crazy. There’s only so much stress and anxiety a person can handle, the terrible sleep, the constant absent mindedness gets to you eventually, but I’m still here and I’m still typing so I seem to be holding on to some extent.


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