Sore Winners and Losers, Just Plain Sore

It hurts to walk today, it started on Saturday night when I decided to make up for eating a little too much by running in place for about twenty minutes. I usually exercise either by walking or riding an exercise bike sitting down, neither of which put much strain on my hamstrings. Running in place left them sore as hell on Sunday morning when I compounded my problem by going on an extra long walk. I nearly fell over when I got out of bed this morning, mostly just out of shock at how sore my legs were. That’s left me feeling irritable as I go through my daily tasks, especially as I took the guy I care for out to do some shopping and pick up lunch. It all culminated in my legs hurting and my head joining in so that both my body and my head hurt enough for me to feel like lying in bed with my eyes closed not moving. I’m still here typing though because even when I feel like doing nothing I’ve still got work to do and I just have to push ahead through the pain. I’ve been thinking today about being sore, for understandable reasons, and it seems to me that this is one election that has left an unusually large number of people sore. The left and liberals are predictably bickering like they have been since the primaries with the added ferocity losing adds, but even Trump’s voters, and mainstream Republicans seem to be quite sore about this entire process. Usually you expect the party and person that won to be a little bit happy and you expect them to be ecstatic if they’re holding the presidency, the house, and the senate. The renewed furor over allegations of Russian tampering has really just highlighted the different shades of everyone’s soreness about the election.

Trump is holding rallies which he’s calling thank you rallies, they’ve reasonably been interpreted by most of us as expressions of his shallow narcissism. A narcissist is a definitional sore winner. Winning isn’t the point for them, winning is a deserved validation of their greatness and if we don’t acknowledge their greatness then winning didn’t mean anything anyway. On top of throwing sore winner rallies Trump has completely denied the possibility that Russia did interfere in the election to help him. Again a narcissist can never believe his victory wasn’t the result of his own greatness. People in Trump’s circle have taken to deflecting the swirling rumors by suggesting it was everyone from the NSA to the Chinese, so you know he’s touchy about the topic. His Republican comrades seem quite touchy when the topic is brought up too. They’ve spent the last four years investigating the least interesting and scandalous scandal of all time with Benghazi, but their love of investigating seems to have ended with winning; hardly surprising, but listening to people like McConnel and Ryan waver on the issue of Russian interference shows it’s a sore subject for them too. The Democrats are predictably upset about losing, but the depth of the hysteria over these allegations is just absurd and the left is sore as hell about that. It seems that Trump winning hasn’t satisfied anyone except for maybe the few members of the racist right that’s taken to the term alt-right who are still deluded enough to believe in Trump and the Goldman bankers and corporate executives who have been appointed to run his sham, corrupt administration.

My banal soreness aside today has tuned out to be a pretty decent day. After taking the guy I care for to pick up a sandwich at a deli I went to the store to buy some razors and while I was checking out I realized someone had left cash in the machine. It took me about thirty seconds to decide to just take it. I’m still feeling slightly bad about taking it, so I’m going to justify it to myself here. My first argument rests on the ambiguous sense of karma or fate that I believe in. I’ve probably forgotten about a hundred dollars in those same machines over the course of the last few years, so it only seems right that I’d find some free money of my own. The problem is the cash is dispensed in a really weird spot on the machine so if you’re even slightly distracted, by something like bagging your groceries, you completely forget the money is there. In a world of some sort of ethereal justice I deserve the money. Of course the situation in which I found the money and the ones in which I’ve forgotten money aren’t really connected, so I need a punchier excuse for having taken it. I figure that the right thing to do is actually unclear, which helps my case that I was correct in taking it. On one hand I could just ignore the money saving myself the dilemma but ultimately someone else would take it and the rightful owner would still end up with nothing. The other option seems equally bad, I could take the money to the person who watches over the self-checkout machines and say someone must have left their money but in that scenario either that person pockets the money themselves or it goes back to the store unless the first person whose money it really was comes back to claim it. And even if they did come back, and I never did when I left money it’s too embarrassing, how could you possibly prove the money was yours. So either some other equally unscrupulous person who probably hasn’t left money in the machines before was going to end up with the money or a faceless corporation that clearly doesn’t deserve the money would end up with it. Considering those were the possibilities it seems just right enough for me to have taken it that I’m only feeling bad enough to write this up while pocketing it.


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