It’s late, it’s been a relatively hectic day and I’ve poured some vodka so I can type this quickly and get to bed. I’m trying to force writing a daily post into being a habit which means that I need to write one every day even on days when I’m busy with work until ten. I woke up this morning expecting a busy day, the first of the month is always full of bills to pay and errands to run, but this one turned out to be especially busy. The takeaway is, don’t reveal you can make donuts at home or you’re going to be doing it a lot, that’s what ended up taking up my entire evening, another batch of donuts. I’ll admit this is stretching things even more than I’m going to usual try to do, but I’m fucking exhausted so this is what I can do tonight. I’ve just realized what a mistake I’ve made and with Trump nominating and placing people throughout his cabinet that are Goldman Sachs types and generally of the swamp you have to imagine that some of his voters are starting to realize they’ve made a mistake. That sense of making a mistake is going to slowly grow and grow until there’s some natural disaster or terrorist attack or massive financial crash and Trump, like Bush during Katrina, will have placed some completely incompetent buffoon in charge of FEMA or some other equally important agency simply because they helped raise money for his campaign or publicly praised him; I imagine Ben Carson at HUD or Sarah Palin at Veterans Affairs will fair similarly to the lighting bolt moron I’m talking about, but in more of trickling failure kind of way. The final breaking point won’t be the joyous moment we all wish it could be, the Republicans will pretend Trump wasn’t one of them and the Democrats will chose to studiously ignore the evil and illegal shit the Republicans have done for ‘the good of the country’ or because ‘we need to look forward.’ It’s coming, we all know it is, but fuck us if anyone will be able to do anything about it.


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