I imagine I’ll end up too overwhelmed by anxiety to ever complete this blog project, but the basic realization I had recently in light of Trump’s victory and the general insanity of the time we’re living in is that our individual lives remain quite banal. I wake up and go through my morning routine, I work, etc. and I imagine you’re doing something similar. It seems similar, though obviously less evil, to the banality of evil Hannah Arendt documents in the Eichmann trial and it seems to be worth documenting how banal life can be in the face of extreme chaos and uncertainty. Like I said though, I doubt I’ll ever have the energy or power of will to follow through on the idea. I’ll also note I’m resisting using my too clever by a bit title for this which is For What It’s Worth: The Banality of Living in Insane Times. The Buffalo Springfield song does seem incredibly apt right now though.


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